After submitting the form and its PDF created, PlatoForms will send a notification via email. It has three ways to set the recipients:

For the sake of simplicity, we refer to the submission viewers as Internal Notification and the other two as External Notification.

General settings

Custom email sending

By default, PlatoForms will send emails via a fixed email template. However, you can customise the email subject and email content.

If you subscribe to a non-free PlatoForm plan, you can also set your owned email address as Email Sender Address. Otherwise, the sender’s email is

Please note that these customisation is only used by External Notification. For Internal Notification, it always uses the PlatoForms email template and as sender address.

Use variables in custom email body and subject

Email notifications cannot attach files uploaded via the form because their file size is unpredictable. Our email can send messages up to 10M. If the user uploads a large file, the email will fail to send.

Form values can be used when creating custom email subject and body. For example, in the form (below the screenshot), if it has a full name field. From the form editor, you can get its field ID, here is 3. In the email content, you can reference it via {{data.fid3}}. That is, the reference format is {{data.fidXX}}, replacing XX with the field ID.

In addition to the data in the form, you can add some shared links to the custom email body. These links are accessible to anyone on the Internet. No sign-in required. If your documents need to be kept confidential, please consider carefully before using these shared links.

Except {{shared_editor_link}}, all of the above variables can assign specific files. For files uploaded by a form, you can append form field name to specify the files via the form field, such as {{shared_attachment_link.fid4}}.

Get the field ID in form editor
Form Field ID

For PDF files, you need to assign a PDF ID, such as {{shared_pdf_link.frums9j3bya}} or {{attached_pdf_file.frums9j3bya}}. You can find the PDF ID from “PDF Settings” of the form.

How to Find PDF ID

If this form is a step in the workflow. These variables are available:

You can use {% if %}...{% else %}...{% endif %} to check if this submission is in the workflow. For example:

{% if is_workflow %}
    This submission is the {{step_ordinal_index}} step of the workflow {{workflow_name}}. 
    {% if next_step_link %}
        You can continue the next step of this workflow by clicking this link: {{next_step_link}}
    {% else %}
        This is the final step in this workflow. No further action is required.
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}

Email Subject and Body with form value
Email With Submission Value