There are 4 tabs in the Form Settings: Submit Action, Languages, Load Message and Notification.

Submit action

In this tab, you can set the display after the user clicks the Submit button on the form. By default it shows a success message. You can customize the message here. You can also redirect to a link, for example, to a page on your site.

If you don’t redirect, in addition to the success message, you can also display the following information:

Form Settings - Submit action


You can translate the form into multiple languages. Visit the Form Translation page for more details.

Loading message

If you use the script to embed a form in your website, it may take a few seconds to load the form when the users open the page that contains this embedded form. This message will be displayed before the form is loaded and will usually prompt the user that the form is loading.

Email notification

Visit the Form Notification page for more details.