Form Designer

Any settings in this designer won’t impact the PDF printing. They are only used to control the online PDF form looks-and-feels.

In Form Preview navigation bar, press Design Form button, it opens the form designer sidebar. With form designer, you can easily customise your form’s look and feel.

Online PDF Form Designer

Your change is reflecting to form preview immediately if your form has corresponding widgets. Only when you explicitly click Apply button, the changes are saved. Also, only when you publish this form (again), the new look-and-feel will be exposed to public users. You can Revert your change to last save state or Reset to default to restore to our default look and feel.

In form designer second tab, you can paste your CSS styles into that text box. Likewise, this CSS only apply to the new form when you publish the form (again). These styles have higher priority and will overwrite those default styles.

If you the embedded form to your website, the submission bar always displays at the bottom of the PDF page.

Reference: The controls in the form designer.

Name Description
Form Width Adjust the form width, in % unit.
Input Border Colour Input text colour. The colour is also used in checkbox and dropdown internal element, for example, that tick marker.
Input Background Colour Input text colour. Our form designer also adjusts its placeholder text colour accordingly.
Form Title Colour Form title and its help text colour.
Label Colour Signature and Image uploading label colour. Note, their font size is controlled in Form Builder, not here.
Button Colour Submit button background colour. Our form designer also adjusts its border and button text colour accordingly.
Submission Bar Colour Submission bar background colour. Our form designer also adjusts its border accordingly.
Error Background Colour Error message background and input box border colour if it has an error.
Error Text Colour Text colour in error messages.