In our online web form or master form, it’s easy to reuse the same field content to any page of the PDF anywhere. To reuse content on a online PDF form, you need to do it with the “logic” feature. For example, the logic in the screenshot below is that the signature #3 content is copied into the #4 signature, ie, when your client signs on signature pad #3, it will automatically copy the signature to #4. This way your client doesn’t have to fill in the same signature multiple times. One trick is that you not only add “is answered” under this logical condition, but also add “is not answered”. Only then, when the #3 signature is cleared, #4 signature is also cleared.

reuse field logic

According to the above logic, the printed PDF looks like this:

duplicated field

To be more subtly implemented, you can also set the #4 signature property to “read-only form” to avoid confusion for your customers, because if #4 is not read-only, its changes will not be copied back# 3 . This is because your logic setting is one-way, that is, copying from #3 to #4, otherwise it does not work.

mark read only field