Online Web Form Builder

If you choose build a online web form, you will be redirected to a form builder with 2 panels. The left side is for your Web Form editing. The right panel is for your PDF editing. From its top function bar, you can press Add button to add various fields. Some fields are shared by both PDF and web form, such as Single Line Field, Choice and Signature etc. Some fields are only used for the web form, such as Page Divider, Captcha and File Upload etc.

When you added a field that is shared by PDF and Form, both panels will have a widget. In right PDF panel, you can drag and drop that widget into the place where the field is located in PDF. The widget in left Web Form panel also can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange the order of fields in your web form.

If your PDF has multiple pages, you can switch between pages on that page list menu in its function bar.

While you are building, you can check what the web form looks like by pressing Preview Form button. Likewise, you can check the PDF by Preview PDF button. Before you preview the PDF, it is better if you can fill some sample data so that this PDF can be rendered with data even you don’t submit the form.

Form Builder