Use this page to learn how to use our Online Forms Builder.

The online web form builder has two panels:

Building Your Form

Get started building your form.

Adding Fields to Your Form

At the top left of the page is the Toolbar. Use the + Add button to add various fields to your form—options are categorised by compatibility; either Form and PDF or Form Only.

Form and PDF Form Only
Text Input Page Divider
Choice Description
Dropdown ReCaptcha
Signature File Upload

Arranging the Widgets

When you add a field, its widget will appear in the panels below. If the field is compatible with both Web Form and PDF, you’ll see it in both the left and right panels.

Working with Multiple Pages

If your PDF has multiple pages, you can switch between each page with the Page Toggle at the top of the PDF panel—it looks like this:


Previewing Your Form

Preview your form or PDF at any time using the Preview Form and Preview PDF buttons in the top Toolbar.

We recommend adding some sample data to your PDF before previewing. This way the PDF is rendered with data.