Use PDF editor more efficiently

When you create a form or PDF with our drag-and-drop editor, the skills you acquire may help you work quicker and smarter. Some of the keyboard’s shortcuts are system-level preset standards, such as “Copy” and “Paste”, “Undo” and “Redo”, and select all. Others are special shortcuts for most of the drag-and-drop software available these days, such as holding down “Shift” and dragging the mouse.

Here is a list with the most used shortcuts:

  • CTRL-C/CTRL-V (Windows), CMD-C/CMD-V (MacOS): Copy and Paste;
  • CTRL-Z (Windows), CMD-Z (MacOS): Undo;
  • CTRL-Y (Windows), CMD-SHIFT-Z (MacOS): Redo;
  • CTRL-A (Windows), CMD-A (MacOS): Select all widgets;
  • Delete: Delete the selected widget;
  • Arrow Key: Move the selected widgets pixel-by-pixel;
  • Press SHIFT and mouse-click the widget: Select or Deselect the widget belonging to a selected group;
  • Press SHIFT and drag the mouse: Ignore the snap between the proximity of widgets;
  • Double click the desired widget: If this widget belongs to an option list of choice or Drop-down, all the options widgets in that list will be selected at once.

Note: The current Copy, Paste, and Delete operations are applied only when one widget is selected.