Once you have designed the workflow, you need to publish it and then share it or embed it to your website.

  • To share your workflow, click the share icon in the action panel to the side of your workflow name.
  • To publish, click Publish the Workflow in the pop-up window.

Once the workflow is published, the steps become read-only. This means you cannot change, delete or add another step. If you need to make changes, Clone the workflow and start again.


There are three statuses for a workflow:

  • Draft This is the initial status of a workflow. You can make any changes you require.

  • Published A published workflow can be shared and accept submissions. Once a workflow is published, you cannot make any further changes.

  • Broken A workflow becomes broken when one or more forms in the form archive are archived, deleted, or sharing is stopped. To fix a broken form, make sure all forms are in published status.

This URL is essential to link each step of a workflow. The address is provided in all notification emails and on the Submissions page.

Please Note: If you want to embed your workflow in a web page, set up a Page URL in the forms sharing dialogue (embedded sharing tab). To use the step-by-step process of a workflow, it is essential you set up the correct URL. It is used in all notification emails and also the submissions page.