Sharing Workflow

After you design the workflow, you need to publish this work and share it by a URL or embed it into your website.

Press the sharing icon on the action panel beside your workflow name. In the popup window, press “Publish the Workflow” button. Once the workflow is published, the settings of its steps become read-only. You cannot change, delete or add a step as well. To do that, you have to Clone this workflow to make a new workflow.

A workflow has 3 possible status: draft, published and broken. The initial status is draft that you can make any changes on your workflow. The broken workflow is caused because one or more forms in your form is archived, deleted or sharing-stopped. To fix a broken workflow, you need to make all its forms in published status. Only the published workflow can be open and accept the submissions.

If you want to embed your workflow in your web page, you must set up a Page URL in its sharing dialogue (embedded sharing tab). If you don’t set up this URL correctly, you cannot get correct link URL after the 1st step.

This URL is crucial to complete your workflow step-by-step by its correct link address. It is used in all notification emails and our Submissions page.