PlatoForms Documentation

PlatoForms is a service to help you convert your PDF into a common form in web page. Filling out the PDF is always challenge. Even you make a fillable PDF file, your customers may still don’t know how to fill out. In contrast, the form in web page is an easy way to collect data. Everyone knows how to use it if he/she knows how to surf the Internet!

PlatoForms helps to conquer this problem. You can use its form builder to create a web form which links the form fields to your PDF. When your customers are filling in the form in web page, they even don’t know they are filling out a PDF! When PlatoForms gets the submission, it immediately converts the submitted data into your PDF and notify you.

PlatoForms is a good way to collect data from your customers or your team members. But it is not suitable for:

  • If you only need to fill the PDF once.
  • You don’t have that PDF yet and want to build a PDF form from scratch. Actually, we are building this feature. If you are eager to use this functionality, please free to sign up our form builder, you will get the newsletter when it is ready.
  • If your PDF form is extremely complicated. Although PlatoForms can handle this, the web form could be too long to fill. It causes poor user experience to your customers. But it may be not a problem if the form is only used within your team and the team members are not care about this.

PlatoForms can handle various format PDF, such as multiple pages PDF, PDF with various images or even a scanned PDF. PlatoForms is pretty easy to use. In most case, you don’t need to read this document, just upload your PDF and play with the form builder.

If any questions, go to our website home page and send message to us.

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