Use the PDF Maker to create a PDF form from scratch.

Adding a widget

You can add the fields Text, Input, Choice, Dropdown, Signature, Image, and Shapes to your form.

In the top toolbar, click the widget option you want to add to your form. After adding a widget, it appears at the top of the PDF.

Positioning your widget

Drag-and-drop your widget into place. If you need to resize the widget; select it and drag the markers on either the left or right side.

Changing the widget properties

Select your widget to view the properties in the left panel. Adjust the properties to make changes.

Ordering and Deleting pages

When no widget is selected, the left side column displays an ordered list of all the pages in your PDF.

Previewing your Form

To preview your form, click the Preview Form button in the top Toolbar.

Completing Your Form

Once you’ve completed your form, click the Make Online Form button in the top toolbar. We will then convert your PDF into an online form, mapping all the widgets to online form fields.

Once the online form completes, you need to assign a label, help text, or placeholder to all the fields—this is because the PDF Maker doesn’t differentiate between the widgets. All the text of your form is extracted and placed in the auto-completion menu for ease of use.

You can convert a PDF to an online form at any time. Each time, you will be asked if you want to merge the PDF to an existing online form or to create a new one.