In a workflow, the PDF can be filled out in multiple steps.

To explain what is workflow, let’s start with a use case. For example, a car sale agency, they have a PDF that needs their customers fill out the personal information first, like name, address, and phone number etc. Then the sales manager needs to sign on this PDF to approve the deal. For this case, you can create a workflow with two steps. The first step could be an Online Web Form which is easy-to-fill for any customers. The second step could be PDF Online Form which has a signature pad. In the second step, it can use the PDF with the customer’s information as form template, or just show a link to open that PDF in your form. The sales manager can easily understand what they are approved for.

The workflow can be more complicated than above use case. You can add any amount of steps in a workflow, every step could use different type forms or different PDFs. Every step form is completed, a notification email is sent to the email list by your setup.